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​Get creative with it!!!  Items needed: 20 Candy Canes 1 medium poinsettia (can use a large ornament or snowflake creative) 4 small to medium bows (can use small ornaments creative) 3-4 inch diameter piece of cardboard (I cut... Continue Reading →

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

​ last minute halloween costumes Boo! Halloween is almost here...still no costume? Maybe time snuck up on you. Maybe you thought your child was too old this year. Or maybe you just didn't want to spend a lot of money... Continue Reading →

How to have a scavenger hunt

<a href="">Printable PDFs and Worksheets for Teacher-Reviewed Lessons.</a> Do you remember scavenger hunts? You either got a list of items or clues or you found a clue when you solved the first riddle. First team to complete the list won.... Continue Reading →

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