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Kids are funny

I have worked in childcare for twenty years. And I can tell you that one thing is true. Kids are funny.  You sometimes don't appreciate the humor from your own kids. By the time you get around to dealing with... Continue Reading →

Parenting advice

I've been a parent for almost 14 years now. And I have one piece of advice for you. Stop beating yourself up for not being perfect. You will never be the perfect parent. Even Jesus got upset with God at... Continue Reading →

The Easter Bunny brought us a stomach bug. What did you get?

​It is a glorious, sunny, spring day here in Jomo. I've got my wash on the line, drying in the sun and wind. Good thing, too. Maybe the sun will bleach the puke smell out the sheets and blanket. Oh... Continue Reading →

Bonus chapter

Day 14 - What person are you most grateful for? This has been a November to remember. The platitudes of gratitude have been filling my newsfeed for two weeks. Cindy is grateful for her kids. Robert is grateful for his... Continue Reading →

“Platitudes of Gratitude” now available 

Oh my gosh. My fellow Train Wrecked, guess what?! "Platitudes of Gratitude" is now available on Kindle and paperback.  Platitudes of Gratitude: A Humorous Take on The Gratitude Challenge (30 Day Challenge Book 1) Platitudes of Gratitude: A Humorous... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from “Platitudes of Gratitude”  releasing March 20

Day 15 - What tradition am I most grateful for? There are two traditions that come to mind. One is with friends, the other is with family. Both are Christmas related. And both are the reason I have a bit... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from “Platitudes of Gratitude” releasing March 20

Day 8 - What place are you grateful for? They’re all asleep. The girls are all home including Dannie who’s on Thanksgiving break. Hayhay is off next week. I homeschhool the Bunny so the only day off she gets is... Continue Reading →

No more mommy martyr

​ My situation at the moment. We are attempting to get the T Rex to sleep in his own bed by himself. We started this at 11:00 pm. He was asleep so I put him in his bed.  The boy... Continue Reading →

Trash Care Package Teaches Responsibility 

​Oh my gosh! I just watched a news story about a mom who sent her college son a bag of trash. Why? Because when he was home for winter break he was supposed to take it out. And he didn't. ... Continue Reading →

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