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For everyone who feels like their life is a train wreck, all aboard.



“Platitudes of Gratitude” now available 

Oh my gosh. My fellow Train Wrecked, guess what?! "Platitudes of Gratitude" is now available on Kindle and paperback.  Platitudes of Gratitude: A Humorous Take on The Gratitude Challenge (30 Day Challenge Book 1) Platitudes of Gratitude: A Humorous... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from “Platitudes of Gratitude” releasing March 20

Day 8 - What place are you grateful for? They’re all asleep. The girls are all home including Dannie who’s on Thanksgiving break. Hayhay is off next week. I homeschhool the Bunny so the only day off she gets is... Continue Reading →

My all time, number one, must do, classic rides at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

I'm a Disney spaz. My first trip to the house of mouse was 1994. I was 16. It was love at first sight. I have since been more than twenty times in various stages  of my life, teen, single and... Continue Reading →

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