Energy and Her written by Isis Baldwin (aka The Bunny)

Energy Is not what you think; it’s what you make of it. Be one with Her and the Sky. Befriend the little things and smile always. Go outside and listen. What do you hear? Cars, planes, or somebody mowing the yard? Now, drown out those man made sounds with water flowing from your mind. Your own personal pond or an ocean. Maybe a simple creek with a sweet little spring.

This is your own world. Sit down on the ground if you aren’t already, whether it be muddy or wet; sit down. Listen once again to your mind flowing with energy. Put your hands in the dirt. Yes, in the dirt. Do you feel anything? No? Close your eyes this time. Keep feeling around in the dirt. Now what do you feel? Do you feel a heartbeat? Do you hear it? Is it in synch with your own? 

This is Her way of accepting you into the Energy World/Realm. Honor this. She doesn’t do this often. So, cherish this moment. Stay here as long as you like. Or until your mom calls you for dinner.

Remember, Energy is not what you think; it’s what you make it.