I have worked in childcare for twenty years. And I can tell you that one thing is true. Kids are funny. 

You sometimes don’t appreciate the humor from your own kids. By the time you get around to dealing with them you’re exhausted and would love give minutes of quiet, even if it’s just to see alone. But working in childcare (This includes teachers, too) gives you a unique perspective on how funny kids really are.

Just today alone I was able to witness some humorous moments. Which was helpful because today was very stressful and we all needed some comic relief.

We ran out of fruit at breakfast. My kids wound up getting pancakes and carrots. You read that right. Carrots. With Italian dressing. For breakfast. Now, as an adult, you might say something like, “What the actual hell is this?” It’s ok. I did. Not verbally but yeah, I thought it. But the kids didn’t even give it a thought. One actually said, “Ooh salad! We never have salad for breakfast. Mom won’t let me have salad for breakfast. I’ve always wanted salad for breakfast. This is the best day ever.” This is the same kid who cried because mom brought the wrong doll from the car, but, hey, whatever floats your boat. And can we take a moment to appreciate that carrots constitutes a salad to this kid. Like, yay, easy to impress. Unless you bring the wrong doll. Then you shall ride the handbasket to Hades in the express lane.

We got to go outside today. This hasn’t been a regular occurrence with the biblical amount of rain we’ve gotten over the last three weeks. One of my kiddos brought me a leaf. He was very concerned for the bee on the leaf. It was moving and he thought it was asleep. It was my job to wake up the bee. The problem was it wasn’t a bee. It was a wasp. I quickly took the leaf and wasp and tossed both over the fence. This caused my little friend much grief. Why? How was he going to get honey for his cheerios? Because plain cheerios are gross and he only likes them with honey but now I threw out the sleeping bee and it won’t make honey for his cheerios. Don’t you wish adult problems were like this?

The best funny part came this afternoon. One of our dads came in and his son ran straight to him and proclaimed, “I didn’t push anyone today!” He was so proud of himself. Dad was confused. I was confused because this kid never really pushes or hits or has a problem and yet, here he was letting everyone know he didn’t recreate Sean Penn and the paparazzi. Dad’s response: “Good for you.” That’s right. You know it’s a good day when you don’t bite, fight, punch, kick, lick, spit, or push someone. 

Take time to sit back and appreciate humor in all forms. And be grateful for the little people.that make us laugh big belly laughs and then ask if we’re pregnant. No, baby, I’m just fat. Thanks for asking.