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April 2017

What would you see?

This is me having a panic attack.  If you could see my feet you would see them tapping on the floorboard. If you could see my hands you would my tells. You would see my fingers scratching at themselves, at... Continue Reading →

The Easter Bunny brought us a stomach bug. What did you get?

‚ÄčIt is a glorious, sunny, spring day here in Jomo. I've got my wash on the line, drying in the sun and wind. Good thing, too. Maybe the sun will bleach the puke smell out the sheets and blanket. Oh... Continue Reading →

Slutty men, dress codes, and your responsibility as a woman.

THANK YOU! If my husband walked out of the house in shorts and short sleeved (or Gods forbid a tank top) shirt, I know he would get catcalled. He's so gentle and innocent and frail he would eaily be taken... Continue Reading →

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