So, there’s a post going around on Facebook about suicide and the after effects. Short version, it talks about what happens to your friends, family,and even bullies immediately and a year after you commit suicide.

Stop sharing this!

Seriously, this is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas. Guilting and shaming someone with depression so bad that they’re looking for the exit button is terrible. You might as well pull the trigger yourself or hand them the pills.

Being depressed is already filled with guilt and shame. Don’t add to it. 

How can you help or show support?  Ask what that person needs. You might get an, “I don’t know,” or “Nothing.” You also might get, “I just need to talk,” or “Just sit with me, please.” Just knowing someone is willing to ask what you need to feel better is pretty important in pulling someone out the rabbit hole.

And notice I said feeling better and not feeling good. Feeling good may happen. But feeling better is easier to work towards. Even if you check every fifteen minutes. The goal can be to feel better each time. You may never feel good but you can feel better.

So, please, stop shaming people for having a chemical imbalance, emotional or mental disorder, or just a bad pothole in the road of life.

We know that life isn’t always kittens, rainbows, glitter, and sunshine. We need people that stand by us and for us when the storms come.

Thank you.