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May 2016

A word on finding yourself

<a href="">Printable PDFs and Worksheets for Teacher-Reviewed Lessons.</a> I'm lying here, next to my sleeping toddler son, and it occurs to me that I am not the same person I was 3 years ago. Quite frankly, I'm not the same... Continue Reading →

A word on comparison

We've all done it, whether to ourselves or someone else. It's happened to us, by friends, family, bosses, and exes. Comparison. Being held up to the standards of others. It's been used as a tool to motivate and denigrate, to... Continue Reading →

A word on the chewbacca lady.

By now we've all seen her. And if you haven't, well here you go. In the past few days I have praise and condemnation for this woman and that has me very confused. No big shock, I loved it.... Continue Reading →

A word on positivity

I heard a statistic today that blew my mind. A person who hears, "you can't do it," has to be told 17 times, "you can do it," before they believe they can do something. 1 no. 17 yesses. Are you... Continue Reading →

A thought on personal responsibility

A few days back, my kids came up to me. They were mad, yelling and flailing arms. "we have no clean clothes and it's all your fault." Eh? What this you say? My response, "did you put your clothes in... Continue Reading →

A word on being spontaneous

I wake up at 8 am in the summer. I make coffee. I get dressed. At 9 I start laundry, make the beds, clean the bathroom, unload and reload the dishwasher,  and vacuum the living room. At 5 PM I... Continue Reading →

A word on fighting and arguments

Are you a right fighter? This is an honest question. See, I've been seeing a lot on here and other social media sites of people that seems to just fight for the sake of fighting. There really seems to be... Continue Reading →

Depression, the rabbit hole, and don’t be this guy

Yeah, see, it doesn't really work that way. Like the old lady says, "that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works." This poor fool thinks he's helping. I hope so at least, otherwise he's just being... Continue Reading →


Let's take a moment to talk about adversity.  My mom has a saying: learn our abc's; adversity builds character. And I never really got it even though I heard it all my life. See, as a kid, my adversities were... Continue Reading →

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