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April 2016

Bathrooms, target, and people

Ok, kids.  We knew this was coming. I love you all. I love you no matter your religion or beliefs. I love no matter who you love, unless they're under 18 then that's a whole nother ball of worms. I... Continue Reading →

You matter

Ok, my lovies, I'm about to lay some truth on you. You are amazing. That's right. You read that correctly. You are an amazing, brilliant creation. Whether you believe we are a product of a deity, or universe, or evolution,... Continue Reading →

The smell of summer

There's something about the smell of summer. I keep the memory of it locked away to get me through the cold, gray months of winter. The smell of the last school bus ride, the excitement and anticipation of impending freedom... Continue Reading →

The chair

Looking at it you wouldn't be impressed. If you were to sit in it you would probably get a few splinters in your butt. If you were a few pounds too heavy, you might even go through it. But no... Continue Reading →

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