Don’t serve me.

I don’t have the same religion as you. Don’t serve me.
I’ve had a child out of wedlock. Don’t serve me.
Some of my best friends are gay, bisexual and transgender. Don’t serve me.
I’m married to a divorced man. Don’t serve us.
He has tattoos. Don’t serve him.
I have broken 9 of 10 commandments. Don’t  serve me.
I am guilty of each of the cardinal sins. Don’t serve me.
I have worked on Sundays. Don’t serve me.
I wear mixed fibers. Don’t serve me.
I owe money and have debts. Don’t serve me.
Don’t serve me based on whose hand I’m holding, whose bed I lie in, who pays my bills. Because you don’t pay my bills. In fact my business to your establishment pays your bills. I would rather take my money where I am not judged by what I do, what I have done, or who I love. I hope your faith can feed your belly as it feeds your soul. I hope your faith keeps a bed under you at night and you sleep well.
Until then I will say I am an inclusive business owner. You’re welcomed to get wrapped any day by me.
Thank you and good luck.