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March 2015

Just me bragging on my kid

Brag on my kid moment. I just got a phone call from another mother from the bunny's school. A girl was saying some horrible, fairly racist things about the bunny's friend. Not only did she correct the girl on what... Continue Reading →

Car accident, birthday, Grandpop

    So today is a very odd day for me. Well, actually yesterday and today.  Yesterday marked the day I was hit by a car and dragged for quite some distance before the woman driving realized she was dragging a... Continue Reading →

bleach, autism, and medical quackery can kill your children

Ok, I'm probably going to irritate a couple people, but I saw something yesterday that I can't unseen and absolutely need to voice my opinion about. To start, I'll let you know I believe some crazy stuff. I'm pagan so... Continue Reading →

New glasses

This is me, one year ago, with my new glasses. I think I need new ones already.

Watch “Positively Godless – Episode 1” on YouTube

Positively Godless - Episode 1: This is my brother's podcast. I'm all about helping get the word out.

Allergies have hit

Coughing, sneezing, no sleeping. Allergies have attacked us hard. So here we are, resting with medicine in his system. After two weeks of being the captain of team no sleep this is a welcome respite. He's lucky he's cute. I'm... Continue Reading →

Family, bonding, and Disney World

They're all asleep. The girls are home plus Danny, who's on spring break. Bunny and Hayhay are off next week. I have a feeling they'll be asked to stay with the others. I have mixed feelings on that. I've always... Continue Reading →

Why I write

I write because I don't always have the ability to say verbally what is going on in my head. Sometimes the emotions get in the way and keep my mouth from working right. That's why I would rather email, text,... Continue Reading →

New hopes, new dreams, new me

1/1/15 1230 am It's 12:30. It's 2015. And I'm in the Wii room with the Baby T Rex sleeping. Bunny and Hay Hay are in Bunny's room having their own New Year party, complete with squeeze cheese and sparkling grape juice in little plastic cups. I... Continue Reading →

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