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February 2015

Child care, priorities, and millenials

Ok. The question was raised as to why people freak out over the cost of daycare. For the record, my best friend/sister ran her own for about 5 years. We both have worked in daycare for a majority of our... Continue Reading →

Cosmo, comics, and body image

We went to Visioncon over the weekend. It's your standard comic book/sci fi convention.  Lots of guests, local authors, vendors, and cosplayers. Cosplay is dressing up in costume as a character. We saw plenty of dr who, an 8 foot... Continue Reading →

recipes, love, and my crock pot

Today I'm going to share with you my top 5 recipes to make for my family.  I love cooking. I love eating too. But I really do love cooking. When you cook for someone you are feeding them. You are... Continue Reading →

You are the difference, Mom.

I just read a post that has me bawling. It was simple and heartfelt and it addressed the one thing moms always wonder. Do I make a difference? So many days, as a stay at home mom, you wonder if... Continue Reading →

Romance, expectations, and Libras

Ok. I hate Valentine's day. Why do people think you should save up your feelings for one day. It makes me think stupid thoughts and have stupid feelings. Every talk show and fluff news story has people proposing or segments... Continue Reading →

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